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check your foldersize

May 7, 2008

Mac users, this won’t work for you. (Actually this would only work with Windows. Oh well.)

There are tons of folders all over your computer with all sorts of crap in them; movies, music, word docs, pictures, etc. At some point, you realize that you don’t have enough space for all of your precious files and you are also to cheap to buy more hard drive space. What is a person to do?! It’s a pain in the ass to clean up your machine, so when you finally get around to it, you do the basics (in no particular order):

  • clear your web history; cookies, cache, etc.
  • delete any programs/files you are no longer using
  • run a disk cleanup
  • defrag your PC
  • empty your recycling bin
  • burn some of your important files on a CD/DVD

So you are all done and give your PC a fresh restart and WHAM!!!, you freed up less than a gig of space. Great, that sucks. You could have spent your time being lazy. You sit there with mouse in hand and wonder: What is responsible for taking so much space? Who is the space-hog culprit?

Here is a nifty little tool that I came across that can tell you how much space is being occupied per folder/drive: Now this is one bad bitch. You might say,”I could just right click and choose properties to find out how much space is being taken up.” You are right, this is possible. However if you have a lot of folders to go through, this could be a painstakingly long process.

Using the foldersize app, you can view the sizes of all of your folders at the same time. When you look into a folder using “details view”, you’ll see some sorting options such as Name, Type, date Modified, all boring crap.

You could even right click on the bar (with those names) and tick a few other useless options. But what you can’t get is how big a folder is. You would think that Microsoft would have thought about this, but no, they didn’t. Bastards. Lucky for us, there is a little application that can tell us what we want.

Now you can finally see what is taking up so much space on your PC and delete what is necessary.
Get it here: