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sample only

April 27, 2007

So you have to do some work for someone and they didn’t pay you yet. Or, let’s say that they only paid you half and you get the other half when you complete the project. Whatever the reason, in order for them to be happy (remember, the customer is always right!), they have to see what you’ve been up to.

If you don’t want your work stolen, use a watermark on the work you send them. This is done really easy with photoshop by creating a new file (165 x 73 pixels) and typing the word “sample”. Use a font size that can fit neatly in the center of the file. Do not use a background color, just have the text with a clear background.

Save it as a pattern (Edit>Define Pattern) and then fill in your new pattern in your flattened artwork (please use a copy, not the original!) using the layer effects. You can adjust the size and opacity in the fx panel. Put the opacity low (10-20) so that they can view your artwork. Once your happy, your almost done!

Make sure your artwork is 72 dip (dots per inch/resolution) by going to Image > Image Size. Save your work and send it! Now your work can’t be stolen because it says “sample” all over it. Not only that, the resolution is so low that it wouldn’t even be worth printing. Yay for designers!