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iphone has landed

July 10, 2008

iphone G3

For those of you who got ripped off of the first generation iphone, Apple introduces the new (and super cheaper) iphone 3g. Big deal. I think the iphone is great and all, but I see no reason why we should all rush to the stores and wait in long ass lines for a phone. Remember the first generation of this phone? The craze that it caused was just too funny. [If you were one of these people, prepare to be offended].

I remember watching the news and seeing a bunch of losers people waiting HOURS for they’re new iphone. And if memory serves me correct, it looked like the people waiting were socially challenged super geeks who want so desperately to become a part of culture.

The new phone is introducing Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. This basically means that the folks at Apple have succumbed to the reign that Microsoft has created.

The new iphone goes on sale tomorrow [7/11/08] at 8am. I can already hear people preparing for their long night of waiting; getting bottles of water, making sure they fed they’re pets, packing they’re bags with food, thinking of excuses to call in sick…

If you were lucky enough, there are a few stores who jumped the gun and are selling it. You could of course always check out ebay and trade in your children for this new precious phone.