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web advertising standards

July 22, 2008

It’s almost impossible to visit a website without seeing some sort of advertising. Whether you yourself click it or not, there is somebody in this world that does. I have seen some very impressive ads that definitely catch my attention.

If you want the ads you create to come out decent (and more importantly have people click on it), there are a few considerations that you must take:

  • Keep it light: not everyone has a fast connection (yet). Try and keep the file under 30kb.
  • Keep it short: If you are going to animate your ad, don’t make the animation to long. You have about 5 seconds to capture a uses attention. If you make some dramatic animation before showing the call to action (logo, URL, etc), no one will care and continue to do whatever they intended to in the first place.
  • Stay away from loops: If you are going to animate it, don’t use loops. This will only drive your casual browser insane. Plus, it’s kinda tacky.
  • Pay attention to standards:Yes, there are standards. All the ads you see on sites have to be a specific size. Check out the Internet Advertising Board (IAB) for the standards and stick to them.

icon ads?

October 17, 2007

What’s up with the icon trend? Most websites have icons (usually their logo) that display on your browser. You might notice it on yours. Check to the left of this URL on your search box, you should see the wordpress logo.

The code for that is (between your <head> tag):

<LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="directory/yourIcon.ICO">
(You can even put an animated gif! Sweetness.)

Lately, Google (and some other sites I’ve seen) has had icons that are different from their own. Has anyone else noticed this? I thought that maybe it could be that the icon stayed there because of the cache, but then sometimes I see icons for sites that I’ve never even been to.

Is this a new way of advertising that I don’t know about?