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Blog update

July 9, 2010

I’m very happy to see that people are actually still finding this blog and commenting and whatnot, it’s pretty cool. I left this blog up because I felt that people would benefit from whatever I had to write.

I stopped a long time ago just cause I didn’t have the passion or time to continue. Thankfully, that has changed. I created a new blog where I talk tech, programming, and other geeky goodness. Check it out!

See you there!


trafficsecrets 2.0

July 15, 2008

If any of you are into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you have to do yourself a favor and get John Reese’s new Traffic Secrets 2.0 package. I bought the first one when it came out awhile ago and I have to tell you, it was very enlightening. He knows his stuff.

He gives real world examples of how to find a niche, produce a product, and sell it to millions. If you know nothing of John, check out his blog This man is a genius and knows the web like nobody’s business.

The new Traffic Secrets package is going to be released TODAY at noon.
Check out his videos, read the blog, get the new Traffic Secrets, implement his techniques, make money. Very simple.


iphone has landed

July 10, 2008

iphone G3

For those of you who got ripped off of the first generation iphone, Apple introduces the new (and super cheaper) iphone 3g. Big deal. I think the iphone is great and all, but I see no reason why we should all rush to the stores and wait in long ass lines for a phone. Remember the first generation of this phone? The craze that it caused was just too funny. [If you were one of these people, prepare to be offended].

I remember watching the news and seeing a bunch of losers people waiting HOURS for they’re new iphone. And if memory serves me correct, it looked like the people waiting were socially challenged super geeks who want so desperately to become a part of culture.

The new phone is introducing Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. This basically means that the folks at Apple have succumbed to the reign that Microsoft has created.

The new iphone goes on sale tomorrow [7/11/08] at 8am. I can already hear people preparing for their long night of waiting; getting bottles of water, making sure they fed they’re pets, packing they’re bags with food, thinking of excuses to call in sick…

If you were lucky enough, there are a few stores who jumped the gun and are selling it. You could of course always check out ebay and trade in your children for this new precious phone.


Firefox 3, bitch.

June 17, 2008

As you may already know, Firefox 3 has launched TODAY. You know the drill: download it, install it, and test your webpages to see if they still look the way you wanted.

You can download the new Firefox browser here:


youtube suggests

June 6, 2008

Did anyone notice that now the youtube search box has suggestions? Ever since Google introduced way back when, web developers are jumping at the opportunity to put it to good use. I commend youtube for adding the suggest feature to their site. Don’t you think they could have done it a lot earlier? Better late than never I guess. Big-up to AJAX beeotch!

UPDATE: Apparently this works on Firefox (if you have Google suggest added to your toolbar). Now I’m not really sure if it’s youtube or if the Google suggest is taking over their input box. Either way, youtube should take notice and add this feature to their site. That’d be sweet.


it’s here, the keyboard.

April 23, 2008

Optimus Maximus Keyboard
So most of us are typing our words on some regular ass keyboard. You are probably typing with the keyboard that came with the system, or you coughed up a few extra bucks and got a fancy one. You know the one, where the keyboard is split and you have all of those extra keys that you rarely use.

I’m here to tell you that your keyboard officially sucks, unless of course you have the new Optimus Maximus Keyboard. I have been hearing about this keyboard for a super long time. The developers really took their time in crafting this amazing keyboard.

If you are ready to drop a whopping $1,589.99, then you too can type in style. Every key has individual OLED displays that can be customized to your liking. Do you have a program you use and are too lazy to simply put a shortcut on your desktop? Why not customize a button on your keyboard (along with an image of the icon) that can do it for you! Now that is what I call productivity.

This keyboard allows you to customize every key exactly how you want it. You can even load a different set of characters for a host of languages. This keyboard is pretty much the only keyboard you will ever need in life. All keys are replaceable and have a good shelf life. If you are tired of typing like all of us regular stiffs, and have the extra cash (you know, if you can miss a rent payment), then this keyboard is exactly for you.

h1 is back!

April 18, 2008

YAY! The best torrent site is now back in action! It’s time to start stealing sharing!