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what am I?

June 12, 2008

People often have to search within to find me. However, it’s not that simple. Although I have few values, a decision can determine very different occurrences.


living as loop

January 20, 2008

So here I am, my initializing variable normally starts off on zero. I am supposed to do the same thing up until some condition is met. Us loops have it hard. It’s not like variables; they get to have all of the fun. They can do what ever they want. Pfff. Us loops get stuck doing the same crap over and over and over and over again.

I guess the good thing is that we have an end. Well, at least some of us do. If everything is properly written, we have a definite end. It’s not user driven like those while loops usually are; they often depend on them for something. If you know users like I do, they can sometimes be total dolts; airheads, idi10t’s, morons! (you get the idea). It’s not their fault, its technically the creators fault. That’s why the creators have to write really well. It’s not all just point and click you know, things have to make sense both logically in the code and to the user. If it were up to the creators, users would go in a sequence and hit all of the right triggers. It’s not that simple. Life is about choices.

I know doing the same thing over and over may sound depressing, but being a loop can have its upsides. Take for instance the increment variable. Sure a variable can do whatever it wants, but I get to be the one that does it. Without a loop, an increment variable would just be a plain old integer that never changes. We get things done… lots of times.

I love being a loop. But I have to say, the saddest part is when I have to end. Sure doing the same thing over and over can get tiring; especially with records in the millions. But still, I love my job and I do it well. We all have to come to an end sometime or another. I play a small but important role in my world; but don’t we all?

I have to stop sometime. That’s cool. However if the user deems me important, I get to keep coming back and do it all over again and again and again (until my condition is met).