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10 ways that geeks excuse themselves

November 13, 2007

Everyone does it, but how many people do it with grace? I’m sure there was a point in time where you had to go potty and excuse yourself around others. You could be polite and say, “excuse me, I have to use the rest room”, or you could be blunt and say “I gotta go take a dump”.

Then there are the us geeks (or whatever you call your nerdy self) who rely on our extensive knowledge of useless references. Next time you have to drop a deuce, use one the following and impress those around you:

“Excuse me I have to go…”

  1. send and email with an attachment
  2. clear my cache
  3. re-route my network
  4. flushdns
  5. declare some variables
  6. empty my recycling bin
  7. re-compile my code
  8. overclock my processor
  9. drop some tables from my database
  10. concatenate my strings

There you have it. Next time you have to go, do it with style. Feel free to add your own.