XBOX 360 video not working

July 3, 2008

The other day something very terrible happened to me. As I was kicking ass on Call of Duty 4 on XBOX Live, the screen started flickering.

I haven’t played COD4 in a few weeks so I thought I’d get back into the groove and do a free for all. Taking some time off did me good; I got back in the game and got 1st place with 22 kills. For those of you who haven’t played this game, when you get shot up, the screen produces a red pulsating spherical shape indicating that you are bleeding to death. I took a closer look at the graphics and noticed that it looked like a cheap gif. Because I haven’t played in a long time, I thought they added some new effect that I didn’t know about.

After playing on a few other maps, I noticed the color degradation on the textures of the objects in the maps. This is when I started to panic. I took the game out of the tray, gave it a good wipe down and tired it again. No luck; it was still choppy.

After I picked up my heart, which at this point was falling out of my ass, I made sure all of my physical connections where secure; you never know, it could have been a loose wire, right?

I turned my 360 on and then it happened; sound with NO PICTURE! I was devastated. How was I supposed to spend my free time, reading?!

I called XBOX Live support to see if they can assist me in this terrible time. I went through all of their procedures:

  • Reset the display settings
  • Try inputting the video to a different channel on my TV
  • Use TV instead of HDTV (there is a switch in the video wire that interchanges between the two)
  • Use the HDMI cable instead of the regular video cable
  • Try it on a different TV

The conversation was short. The result; they’ll send me a coffin box to put my 360 in so I can send it back for repairs. Great.

If this has happened to you, try all of the steps that I mentioned. You can also try these techniques.

If nothing works, get on the phone and call XBOX 360 Live support so you too can get a coffin box to send your XBOX in.



  1. […] DailyJoypad.co.uk wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt The other day something very terrible happened to me. As I was kicking ass on Call of Duty 4 on XBOX Live, the screen started flickering. I haven’t played COD4 in a few weeks so I thought I’d get back into the groove and do a free for all. Taking some time off did me good; I got back in the game and got 1st place with 22 kills. For those of you who haven’t played this game, when you get shot up, the screen produces a red pulsating spherical shape indicating that you are bleeding to death. I […]

    • If perpetual’s “fix” doesn’t work for you (which it didn’t for me), then look at the cord with the audio and video plug-ins. Then find the part of that cord that you plug into your xbox and look Verry carefully and closely at that part, and there should be a sliding switch on the side of that part (its easy to miss/hard to find) that switches between regular tv and hdtv. If theres no picture try switching that (from hdtv to tv or vice versa). 🙂 that’s what did it for me.

      • Thank you so much. You saved me some money. I had no clue that switch was there.

  2. dang, same thing happened to me too


    damn coffin boxes

    • Ya

  3. I feel your pain hdmi. Let us now have a moment of silence for all of our fellow XBOX’s that have passed.

  4. bummer, thank God for the PS3, blu ray disc and fewer crashes =)… BTW microsoft sucks at trying to get you that Xbox 360 back soon, my cousin still hasn’t gotten his back yet after his laser got screwed up and the xbox light turned red (indicating it’s fucked)… He sent it back to microsoft 3 months ago, he still has not gotten it. =/

  5. Actually, I recently received an email from XBOX telling me that they have “repaired” my system. Now I’m not sure if that means that they are sending me a new one, or they actually fixed mine. I’m still waiting on their next email with some tracking info.
    Hopefully, I don’t fall into the same trap your cousin did. If they pull that crap on me, I’ma raise hell! >:O

  6. Hey guys, I just recently had this same problem too. At first, I thought it was the av cables burning out, so I searched for that kind of support. On those forums I heard that it really isn’t the cables at all and is some kind of internal problem. Then I found this one thread that had the very simple solution right in the middle of all the hysteria. He said that there are two ways to go about fixing it; one being that you take your 360 apart and replace the heat sink which was also very logical and might help your 360’s performance in the future, but much harder than the second solution. Then he very plainly said the solution that worked for me and I hope it works for just about everyone with this problem.

    1. Turn on your 360 and leave it on for about 20-30 seconds.

    2. Remove the harddrive as the xbox is still running and leave it out for another 10-20 seconds.

    3. Reconnect the harddrive to the xbox while it is still on and leave before turning the xbox off for 5ish seconds. At this point, you should be able to hear the xbox reset the start up process.

    4. Turn off your 360, disconnect and reconnect the av cable, and turn on your xbox again. Immediately it started up normally, no static lines or anything.

    I would hate to hear about xbox support telling another poor soul that their xbox is broken and needs repairs that cost $99 when you can see if this little fix works for you. It literally takes less than a min to do. I realize that something that worked for me, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for other people. Just thought I might share my experience, and if it does do the trick, I’m just as amazed as you are.

    • that didnt freaking work bro!!!!!!!!

  7. Whoa, I wish I would have done that before I sent mine in. Luckily, I recently received my 360. Thankfully they didn’t charge me. Now all I have to do is hope that I never see the red ring of death.

  8. the same exact thing happened to me i was playing COD4 and tryed the cheats for the first time today and after i turned the contrast cheat on and off the color went back to normal but it still had that weird glassy cheap graphics look so i went to my dashboard and it still had that look whilst nearly shitting my brain out i turned off my consle and started it up i get sound but no video and microsofts wonderful tech support gave me the same stuff they gave the guy who started this blog the same procedures,and then they gave me the wonderful news that my 360 is no longer under warranty and that im gonna havta send it in and pay them $99 i even tryed perpetuals techniqe bt nothing ah today was a great day….

  9. Sorry to hear of your troubles my360blewmyhigh. There’s a contrast cheat?!?! I gotta find this! Googling….

  10. I just tried Perpetual’s “fix” and it did not work for me.

  11. I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting post

  12. Holy Crap,
    What are the chances, I just tried Perpetual’s fix and it FRIKIN WORKED!!!!!.. Dude, you just saved my ACE…


  13. YAYAYAY! That is super hot. I only wish that I had that tip sooner.

  14. I Can also confirm Perpetual’s method works! But i found a even simpler way.

    1. turn on 360, leave on for 10-20 sec

    2. While still on, disconnect and reconnect the av cable. You will see the screen go black.

    3. Reset your 360


    P.S. it mite take a few tries for it to work.

  15. Thanks for the tip Pope! I hope this thread helps others through such a difficult time.

  16. i had the same problem try the method with turning on for 20 sec take off the hard drive for 10-20sec putting the hd back on let it reset turned off the xbox disconect the av reconect and turn back on and should work took me a couple trys but it did work i just did it now so i dont know how long it will work for

    • Thanks bigbz, I tried your “combo” method a couple times and it worked….I have a feeling it’s not permanent though…..

  17. Perpetual, I love you.

  18. Great post.

  19. My 360 did the samething yours did but I wasn’t playing COD4 I was playing Gears 2, I have sound but no video and I have this white line on the top of my tv screen, someone told me it was my GPU. Ohh well guess I have to send it off!!!

  20. My problem was different im using a vga cable and used my computer monintor as the screen and my xbox takes 30-40 secondss to tturn on and im worried i have to send it off to microsoft cos ive allready gone through two

  21. i tried perpetuals twice and it didnt work just god the freakin sound

  22. Just happened to me on cod4, i had the most points in S+D then this started happening, lost my concentration and got owned!!!! going to try perpetuals advice and see if works!

  23. Lol, I’m glad that that’s never happened to me. I was having a couple of problems with it before when it started to show signs of RRODing.

  24. OMFG thank you!!!!!!!!!! the hard drive method worked, but alas too late. i have a ps3 so i traded almost all my games in. but it worked!!!

  25. just bought nhl10 got home and set up my 360… bought it back in may, refurbed, and have only turned it on like a dozen times. that was all about to change with the purchase of nhl10, turned the system on (hdmi hookup), unwrapped the game (ofcourse it would go down like this), and then i noticed that the screen, which had gone into the inactive dimming, had bad textures and the colors seemed like they went all 256 on me. sooo, i reset the system only for it to no longer work whether its hdmi, rgb-component, or yrw-composite, audio but no picture. this is sooo frustrating for me as my friends and i have a running joke that i have bad computer\system chi, as i have had 8 compy hdds, 3 mobos, 2 processors, ram and video card poop out on me along with 2 first gen xboxen along with other accessory issues and now this. I barely ever even got to play this thing and then finally i find a reason throw down $65 for nhl10 and then yet again the computer and gaming gods have a good laugh…
    … ive tried perpetuals thing and it didnt work for me, though i may have done it wrong, any one else who has had any success with this or any other method of getting the video back, plz clarify exactly what u did, much apprikiated… Microsoft has already given me crap about the warranty being out on the system that expired b4 i ever even owned it, as they refurbed it but it wasnt completely right when i bought it, but they refused to stand behind their work and fix the problem unless i payed for the fixes… soooo angry!

  26. I just wanted to thank you for the original post. You are the dude in my eyes. I didn’t have a clue what to do when my video was gone but I was hearing those oh-so-awesome xbox boot up sounds. I realize my cables were switches to HD and not regular TV. I switched back and BANG! there was my video. Thanks again buddy!

  27. OK so this is how it all started for me. I was sitting at home playin COD modern warfare and my video started coming in all shitty. Figured it was a bad connection i reset the console and checked all the connections. It worked fine for about a day or so. The next day i go to play and BANG my xbox’s video isnt working.. I can hear the boot up but still no video. my tv says no signal over and over again. I tried perpetuals method but nothing… i called xbox and they told me its not under warranty and that i would need to pay… Andone have any advice or info they could give me. It would be greatly appreciated…

  28. Well I’ve got a bad problem! Im using a VGA cable to connect to monitors and im getting no sound and no video. I dont have the red circles show it shows that the cable is connected but just its coming up as no signal on the monitor! what can i do?!

    • xboxshiz, i dont know how you can connect the xbox via VGA (which is, im assuming, the cable with the blue tip and the screws on either end that usually connects monitors to computers). then again, i have an older xbox and dont know if newer ones can do that. what i do know is that sound is NOT supported by VGA. hdmi, on the other hand, DOES support sound. personally i suggest just using the AV/component cable to connect to your monitor, or hdmi is you have a newer xbox

  29. im in the same boat as everyone, was playin (no, ass-kicking) in CODMW when video got crappy, turned off, no video but still have sound. unfortunately, i tried pope and perpetuals methods multiple times and it has not worked… im not covered by the warranty, but i refuse to pay $100. sending in the xbox under a red ring of death, figured i got nothin to lose and might as well. hopefully thisll work

  30. Ok I am kind of in the same boat. I was playing and the video started to get bad so i turned it off let it sit for a while. turned it back on, and now i am getting no audio and no video. I tried the trick on here didnt work. anyone have any ideas? oh yeah and it is saying not supported and no signal.

  31. had the same problem but it finally fixed by using the harddrive method..the moment i removed my hard drive while the xbox was on it rebooted and it showed picture..thanks man.but just to be on the safe side i stripped open the xbox then dusted it well from the motherboard to the fan section….someone said that the adapter might be the problem,if it has a fault and gives too little or too much power it might cos this problem but not sure…anyone has any thoughts on why this happens to the xbox360.

  32. dam serious i jst started playing cod4 and within two weeks of me playing i have sound with no image? So i gotta send it in or is it worth jst buying a new xbox 360??

  33. Call them first, they may be able to help you. If you are still under warranty, they’ll send you a new (or certified refurbished) machine. If not, you’re pretty much assed out. It makes a great paper weight!

  34. soo……….

    same thing happend to me….. blah blah. but here is the funny part. when i take out my HD it comes works…. but right when i clikc my HD back in BAM!!!!!! it goes away….. so annoying

  35. ok well this happened to me also and i fixed it with ease… turn your xbox on… with all the cords connected everything… then wrap two towels around the top of yourxbox. where the fans are pretty much… 30-45 mins later the 1 and 2nd controller lights will light up red on your xbox. this just means it got to hot. lett it cool down for 10-20 mins then turn it back on it will work but for only about 2-3 weeks. everytime you do this it seems like it lessens ive done it probably 15 times and kept it alive 4 months. well only do this if you dont have a warranty.

  36. Same thing happened to me but like two months ago except the video and sound dosent work so i swiitched to PS3 but all my friends play Xbox so im going to buy a new part for the Xbox.

  37. I have a 1yr old Elite system, I was playing COD BO and all the sudden the TV screen went black and a message said No Input, my controller lights were on (all 4) and the system was on (1 Green Light) but nothing happened when I held the X BOX button, I shut it down from console and started it again, same thing, I unplugged the X box for 3-5mins and started it and everything works fine, it has done this twice in 3-days . anyone else have heard of this? I have a 3yr warranty with Wally World also I was told the 2010 Elites have a 3yr through Microsoft. Any suggestions?

  38. You should totally contact Microsoft or Wally World about them sending you a new machine, especially since you have it under warranty.

    • Thank you, I have a competition to this weekend…LOL, I guess I have to pull out the old Halo Edition 360 😦

  39. […] XBOX 360 video not After playing on a few other maps, I … by » XBOX 360 video not working July 3, 2008 at … went all 256 on me. sooo, i reset the system only for it to no longer work … […]

  40. Solution #4 on the Xbox 360 website worked for me:

    Solution 4: Reset the display settings on the Xbox 360

    1. Make sure the disc tray is empty.
    2. Turn on the console.
    3. On the controller, press and hold the right trigger and Y.

    Press and hold the right trigger and the Y button

    The console resets the display settings to the factory default settings and then restarts automatically.

    After holding these buttons down for about 30 seconds (because nothing happened and the screen was still black) I let go of the buttons, turned off the console and turned it back on. Viola! It worked again.

    Hope this helps someone prevent the heart attack I almost had O.o

  41. duuuuddddeeee nooonnnee of your methods worked. i was just playin mw2 on estate and every thing turned green so i turned my xbox off and turned it back on and no video and i did have sound so i was sooo bummed when none of your methods worked and quite honestly i dont have 99 dollars to spend on repairs and i know my warrentys gone

  42. So it seems that this problem happens when COD is played, the friggin game mussus up our precious xboxes.

    Same thing happened to me, googled the problem and ended up here, none of these methods have worked for me. however, it did happen to me twice, first time i disconnected everything and left it that way for 24 hours. it worked great for about 1 hour then same thing happened.

  43. I’m not sure what it is about COD, but I literally went through 4 XBOX’s, they all failed during playing that game. 😦

  44. reseting and blind display changes aren’t working for me but my x box works on other tvs fine in the same hdmi cable and other hdmi devices work perfectly with the tv any help would be great cause i hate composite

  45. Since it’s working on other TV’s, it could be that the TV it doesn’t work on just crapped out. When I contacted xbox about mine, they recommended trying it on other TV sets (along with the obvious; check cables, make sure everything’s plugged in, etc). Give them a call and see what they tell you. Good luck!

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  48. i was playing mw3 and then my image started looking rele wierd and bad so my first reaction was ohh crap and then i went to the home screen and it was still there and got a little most freaked out so i turned off my xbox and turned it back on and there it was a screen with white lines flowing through it i have tried everything on this page and none of it worked but i do have one question, is there a restart button on the original version?

  49. THANK YOU!!!

  50. dude/dudette you frikkin rock

  51. I had the same thing happen during Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Graphics got very dull, “smoky” like and almost black and white color scheme. Hard to look at! Thought it was a glitched save, but all other saves had the same color video problem. Turned off and when turned back on I couldn’t even get the start-up screen for the 360! Had some audio, through. Turned on and off a few times and then had no audio or video. Eventually came to this web site and found after a number of tries that the hard drive-unplug solution worked!! Thanks so much!! I was afraid I’d have to buy another system. I’m sure that’s coming soon since I’ve had my system since “day one” and play it for long periods of time, but at least this delays the inevitable….. Thank you so much!

  52. I just bought a new cable and there is 100% not a switch from HD to TV 😦 I saw my friends so I know what I’m looking for but it’s just not there. Is there any other way to fix this problem?

  53. It sounds like you may need to turn the channel on your TV. Often times, when you plug in your (HDMI) cable, it would have a “channel” associated with it (ex: http://0.tqn.com/d/gi491/1/0/4/-/-/-/Photograph-3.jpg). Tuning to that channel (not through your cable, but on your actual TV), should give you a response.

  54. same thing happened to me when i was playing need for speed most wanted. Now i am really confused what to do

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  56. Perpetual’s fix worked for me! Christ I thought my xbox was DEAD.


  57. […] XBOX 360 video not working | funbytebitstop – Jul 03, 2008 · The other day something very terrible happened to me. As I was kicking ass on Call of Duty 4 on XBOX Live, the screen started flickering. I haven’t …… […]

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