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XBOX 360 video not working

July 3, 2008

The other day something very terrible happened to me. As I was kicking ass on Call of Duty 4 on XBOX Live, the screen started flickering.

I haven’t played COD4 in a few weeks so I thought I’d get back into the groove and do a free for all. Taking some time off did me good; I got back in the game and got 1st place with 22 kills. For those of you who haven’t played this game, when you get shot up, the screen produces a red pulsating spherical shape indicating that you are bleeding to death. I took a closer look at the graphics and noticed that it looked like a cheap gif. Because I haven’t played in a long time, I thought they added some new effect that I didn’t know about.

After playing on a few other maps, I noticed the color degradation on the textures of the objects in the maps. This is when I started to panic. I took the game out of the tray, gave it a good wipe down and tired it again. No luck; it was still choppy.

After I picked up my heart, which at this point was falling out of my ass, I made sure all of my physical connections where secure; you never know, it could have been a loose wire, right?

I turned my 360 on and then it happened; sound with NO PICTURE! I was devastated. How was I supposed to spend my free time, reading?!

I called XBOX Live support to see if they can assist me in this terrible time. I went through all of their procedures:

  • Reset the display settings
  • Try inputting the video to a different channel on my TV
  • Use TV instead of HDTV (there is a switch in the video wire that interchanges between the two)
  • Use the HDMI cable instead of the regular video cable
  • Try it on a different TV

The conversation was short. The result; they’ll send me a coffin box to put my 360 in so I can send it back for repairs. Great.

If this has happened to you, try all of the steps that I mentioned. You can also try these techniques.

If nothing works, get on the phone and call XBOX 360 Live support so you too can get a coffin box to send your XBOX in.