this post is about nothing

June 3, 2008

Nothing is a very important concept in programming.

Nothing is just as important as something because it is the absence of something. When something is equal to nothing, would you still consider it as something? When writing a program, you may have to write a typical if-else logical block that checks for nothing. For example:

If thisPostText = “” Then
Read = True
Read = False
End If

The interesting thing about nothing, is that it can be described in many ways.
For example:

  • null
  • Nothing
  • “”
  • False
  • 0

The best thing about nothing is that it doesn’t really exist. However, logically, it’s always there; just like this post.



  1. nice lol, actually I’ve been meaning to learn some programming. I find it kind of fun to program things, and how a programming language can be like a math problem or equation.

  2. Yeah, that’s a good analogy. I guess that’s why so much Math is required to get a CS degree. I was never a natural at Math like some people; I’m one of those stiffs who actually have to study.

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