Safari browser now on Windows

March 29, 2008
Safari Logo

So like the rest of the planet, I have itunes. As you may already know, itunes is an mp3 an application from a little company called Apple.

I’m set to listen to some music and the application prompts me for an update. Sure, why not; let’s see what’s new in this release. The typical Quicktime update is set to take place, but then it asks if I want to install Safari. For those non-mac people, it’s a browser that runs exclusively on a Macintosh PC (unless of course you are emulating it somehow, Anyone?).

Anyways, so I tick the checkbox and wait for the update to finish. After I restart my pc, what do you know!?, there goes the Safari icon! You may say, “Safari?! Why would I need that when I have my trusted Internet Explorer!? Plus, with the new ie8 beta out, who needs anything else!!” OK, you may not say all of that, but you know your thinking it.

Download it anyway. It is great way for developers to see how mac users see their site. As I have said before, not all browsers get along. Having the Safari browser along with the rest of your arsenal of browsers (Opera, Firefox, Netscape) is essential. It’s like batman’s utility belt except without any of batman’s tools.

Go ahead, be a browser’s bitch and download Safari here: http://www.apple.com/safari/


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