AJAX Loading image

March 12, 2008

When I’m on the web and waiting for a partial page update (thank you AJAX!) and see a little loading image I think “aww, isn’t that nice”. It’s just good practice to let your users know that they have to wait for a few seconds until their content loads.

The last thing you want is a user waiting for something to load and not know that they are waiting. This will get them off of your page faster than Spitzer can say “They found what?!”. šŸ˜‰

Here is a site that generates loading images on the fly. You can customize it by choosing different styles and colors. Pretty damn sweet.




  1. This is the world’s first site to create multi color ajax loader,Blended image creator, Vista button creator,Aqua button creator,Watermark button creator and so on.
    Please try this for fun and devloper are recomended to visit atleast one.

  2. Hey Abul, I would love to check it out, however it says that it’s “Forbidden”. Hopefully it will be up soon so I can check it out. Thanks for the contribution.

  3. thanks . that’s good and very helpful. i was searching images ajaxload.info help me to download image.Thanks

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