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March 10, 2008

As a developer, you want to make sure you are getting paid what you deserve. It’s a pain to try and explain to a customer that a website/project takes time and patience. Did you ever get the “Oh, I want a website, I want to be on the top of Google, I want this by the end of the week, and I also want it done for a good price”. Yeah, right.

WTF?!, people don’t understand that taking on projects and websites take time. And as they say (who’s they, I don’t know), time is money. A we developers’ job is NEVER done. If you are tired of dealing with the id10t’s in upper management and want to look for a (new) job, check out dice.com. It’s a site where developers can search for work specifically for them. Forget dealing with monster, this site gears towards your inner geek (and your wallet).

Good luck. And the next time you get one of these customers that want their projects in an unreasonable time, tell them shove it and go on dice.com; unless of course you need the cash, then take the job, stock up on redbull, swallow your pride, and get to work.


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