Running Internet Explorer 6 in Fedora

February 28, 2008

After a long sabbatical, I’m back with a vengeance. A vengeance that marches to the beat of Linux. I’m going to show you how to use WINE to run Internet Explorer in a Fedora build.

Using WINE to Install Internet Explorer 6

WINE is an application for Linux that allows you to run Windows applications using nothing but the Linux shell. It’s a lightweight alternative to emulation, but is not always the end all answer to running Windows applications.

WINE will map Linux file structures into a logical Windows Path, and allow for executing EXEs through the WINE application.

To obtain WINE:

· Log in as root

· Load the Graphical Interface

· Open up a terminal screen

In the terminal, type:

yum -y install wine*


You will see a short dialog alerting you of the install process.

In this example, we also need to be able to extract Windows CAB files into a Linux directory structure. At the time of this write-up, WINE does not support this function.

We’re going to install CABEXTRACT, a program that extracts CAB files and maps them to a Linux structure utilizing WINE.


In the terminal, type:

yum -y install cabextract


Due to the nature of how Internet Explorer installs itself, we actually need source EXEs that Microsoft will not provide natively. To do this, we download and run a program called “IEs4Linux”, which supports IE6, IE5.5, IE5, and beta IE7.

To obtain IEs4Linux:

· Log out of root

· Log in as user

· Load the Graphical Interface

· Open up a terminal screen


In the terminal, type each line and separate each command with ENTER.

wget http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/downloads/ies4linux-latest.tar.gztar zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gzcd ies4linux-*./ies4linux


The last command will bring up a display window, prompting you to select plug-ins and your version of Internet Explorer.

· Select ONLY IE6

· Install the Flash plug-in

· Create a shortcut to desktop and menu


After selecting these options, there will be a short download/installation dialog. If everything works properly, you will see a shortcut appear on your desktop to Internet Explorer.

There are a few small bugs with this method, but for the most part, you should be able to use Internet Explorer natively with little emulation.

Concluding Notes

Running Internet Explorer within Linux allows web developers to use the most popular browser to test their code without the need for emulating a system. Although slightly buggy, the method is enough to get a basic instance of IE usable enough to suit most needs.


Since IE is a very vulnerable platform, you SHOULD NOT install IEs4Linux as root. Use a standard user account to protect your file system. Since you are emulating a Windows file system, you put your platform at risk every time you surf on the web; what Linux users normally take for granted (security) is compromised the instant you connect to the Internet using Internet Explorer. Be advised, use the proper security settings, and allocate your permissions accordingly.



  1. brilliant thanks!

  2. this does not work anymore 😦 on wget i get the following error:

    $ wget http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/downloads/ies4linux-latest.tar.gztar
    –17:29:26– http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/downloads/ies4linux-latest.tar.gztar
    Connecting to… connected.
    Proxy request sent, awaiting response… 407 Proxy Authentication Required
    17:29:26 ERROR 407: Proxy Authentication Required.

  3. thanks

  4. Hey i have tried and i got… thanks

  5. wget http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/downloads/ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
    tar zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
    cd ies4linux-*

    Thats the command and argument to be passed to to the terminal.
    Thanks a lot mate for the kickstart

  6. How do i install IE6 on Fedora through Proxy server.

  7. For configuring the HTTP_proxy variable:



  8. Hi,

    I have installed ie6 on linux many times before. this time it returned a error.
    A pop up come up like in windows we usualy see send error report. the error was som rundll error.
    Does anyone know or have faced this error before. one more thing, once this error has occured you can not terminate it un till you kill the process.

    If any one has any solution please post it or mail it to me on my email address.



  9. Yup, the download is gone.

    Wow I hate IE soo much, but it is still everywhere!!

  10. how do you launch an adress in linux terminal to run internet explorer?

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