a dollar out of 15 cents

January 10, 2008

How exactly does one make a dollar out of 15 cents? You hear this phrase in songs all of the time. I tried to figure out how a person can actually make a dollar out of 15c. Here’s what I think.

So you have 15 cents and you want to make a dollar. Forget about how you make your money, I’m more focused on how this is all mathematically possible. It’s easy to say that if you just add 85 cents to the 15 you already have, you’ll make a dollar; but that’s no fun now is it?

Let’s say that you are incrementing your little piggybank savings by the original amount that is used. If you double your amount you’ll have 30 cents. At this rate, if you continue to double your amount you will get to 60 cents, and then eventually to $1.20 cents. But what if you want to just make $1 and nothing more?

Let’s take a different approach. You have 15 cents and you continue to increment your stash by 15 cents. At this rate, you’ll have to increment your amount 7 times (15*7) which will make your original amount over a dollar ($1.05). But still, if you just want to make a dollar, no more no less, what is a person to do?

Trying to get $1 with increments of 15c is somewhat possible. Lets set up a simple equation: 15x = 100
Simply solve for x and you’ll get 6.6c. If you could figure out how to make 6.6 cents, then you could in fact make a dollar out of 15 cents. However, if you are like any other person trying to make a living, cut the crap and get a job that makes real money. ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. ur an idiot!

  2. Thank you very much. And from the looks of YOUR spelling, so are you.

  3. Actually, i find this little article quite entertaining!!! some people find themselves so much ahead of others that they need to post blogs or even make an equation out of a “quote” or what have you!!! if other would put as much time into being positive, and actually posting articles that would help others as they do posting bull..then maybe the world would be much better …LOSER

  4. Wow you obviously don’t understand the phrase at all. You can get a dollar out of 15 cents by selling drugs. Not literally, but the ratio of net to gross can be over 6.6667, meaning for every 15 cents, you make 1 dollar.

  5. Wow, you obviously don’t understand a joke. Here is another phrase you should learn “No shit Sherlock.”

  6. that was a waste of my life

  7. Thank you for that little piece of your life. You can’t have it back. Ha.

  8. I’ll tell you what, I’m not quite sure how to make a dollar out of 15 cents, but by god I can definitely make a dollar out of 15 hoes. Boy I tell you what. Elroy’s my name. Pimpin’ biatches is my game. Come down to Daddy McNasty’s joint on Addison Ave. & Jackson St. down here in Mobile, AL and I’ll show you a stable full of pretty mares, boy I tell you what.

  9. i think you people are cool

  10. can you coam to my house


  12. Your article was cute….but actually making a dollar out of 15cents is all about making your money work for you (or flipping it). You can purchase something, not necessarily drugg, but whatever product you want then resell it for more. Thats the hustle of life!!

  13. Your a hero. Thank-you for making my life worth living now by know. Your amazing. You should run for president

  14. lol all i have to say is people take shit real serious and Dynamite Chelli>>>>>>>>>>>>>>well said

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