myspace interview

December 18, 2007

So everyone has one. If it’s not myspace, it’s facebook, high5, or some other social community. So you have your account set up, have a few friends (or hundreds if your a social slut), and some pictures that you want the world to see.

If your lucky, you already have a job and things are great. If not, and you’re on the job hunt, take down your page. I know it will kill you to not get comments on your latest mirror shot with the flash so bright that your eyes are red, but if you don’t want to be embarrassed, take it down. Employers can simply do a Google search and find out dirt on you that you may not want them to see.

Sure your friends love the picture of you with your head on the bowl after shots of Jack Daniels after eating Mexican — but potential employers… not so much.

Oh, how about putting my profile on “private”. Don’t you know that there are hackers out there working their way around private profiles? Don’t risk it. The Internet can be a dangerous and reveling place. If you don’t want people to see certain things, don’t put it up. It’s that simple.


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