custom validators

October 31, 2007

If you are a dot net user, then you know that the built in functions for validating user input is a designers dream. You can even customize the validator to check for your own custom strings. Because writing them can be a pain, regexlib.com is a user submitted site where people post their own custom validation strings. This is a tremendous time saver when your busy writing applications to save time for someone else (or your self, either way 😉 )


One comment

  1. No galleries for me; at least, no yet. Galleries are usually owned by people with lots of money, as it takes a ton of “front money” to get started AND keep going. What usually happens when an artist gets their artwork in a gallery is they develop a style that sells, and then they repeat that style for….the next 20 to 40 years. Haha. I am definitely considering fine art on the side, but it won’t be my career. I’ll probably go for animation, graphic design, and shoot for the higher positions of art director and creative director.

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