The First Post of Justice

October 14, 2007

Hello! I’m here to contribute to the FBBS vaults (FunByteBitStop for the non-techies out there, that’s right, I just made that up) and introduce some of the new happening trends out in the big world of technology. I’m sure many of you have been stuck on search engines, looking for that elusive bit of information, and just gotten plain bored. Sure, Ask.com has some interesting features, but is it enough?

Enter http://www.tafiti.com, the search engine by Microsoft, powered by SilverLight and Windows Live. Obviously, if you have a Windows Live account, you’ll get the best benefit from it. But what are the benefits, you ask?

SilverLight was made to rival Adobe Flash, so yes, you will have to download a small component before you use Tahiti. It’s worth it! The search engine is highly interactive, and allows you to drag ANY content you search into one of five “drawers” on the right hand side. Once you’re done browsing, you can export your drawers to your Live account, email your results to a friend, or just plain ditch them.

For one of the coolest visualizations of the web found anywhere, I highly recommend using the “Tree View”.

Till next time, code monkeys.


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