my new obsession; jQuery

October 11, 2007

So it’s been around for awhile (Jan. 06 to be exact). I LOVE IT. It’s basically the love child of AJAX and JavaScript. You can do so many cool things with it. I’m still getting to know the language, but from what I’ve seen so far I’m very impressed.

The Internet is ever expanding and everyday developers are coming out with technology that smacks you in the face and doesn’t bother apologizing. Here I thought that animating on the web was (Adobe’s) Flash domain. Nope. With jQuery, animation is (somewhat) simple. You can’t necessarily do everything that Flash can do, but it does allow for less processing on the client side. You don’t even need a plug-in to run the scripts. This is wonderful. See for yourself:




  1. Saying that jQuery is the love child of AJAX and Javascript is like saying you are the love child of your parents and your mom. AJAX isn’t even a language or a framework, it’s just a concept of how to use Javascript and the DOM to pass data around asynchronously.

    Also, jQuery isn’t a language. It’s a Javascript framework.

    jQuery cannot do anything close to what Flash is capable of. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

  2. Thanks for pointing out specifically how AJAX or jQuery isn’t a language. I was using it as a metaphor (love child). Taken from jQuery.com:
    “jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.”

    AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Hence the love child metaphor.

    Also, it may be offending to a seasoned programmer to say that jQuery is similar to Flash. I get that they are in two different worlds. That being said, they CAN do the same things.

    For example the infamous carousel can be done with jQuery:

    As well as Flash:

    These are apples and oranges, but they’re all from the same garden (another metaphor).

  3. Your metaphor still doesn’t make sense. You said the jQuery is the love child of AJAX and Javascript. Therefore, if AJAX is Javascript and XML, you are saying that jQuery is the love child of Javacript and XML and Javascript. It’s redundant.

    A more fitting description of jQuery would be something like “jQuery makes coding Javascript more like writing, and less like programming”

    jQuery, and AJAX in general, CANNOT do the same things as Flash, and are not even meant to for that matter. When was the last time you saw an online media player written in AJAX technologies? As well, using DOM manipulation for interfaces isn’t nearly as smooth as with Flash. You proved that with those two links you sent. The movement in the jQuery carousel is choppy at best when compared to the movement with the Flash carousel. As well, Flash makes it possible to use custom fonts, more easily creatable animations. The list goes on and on.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love writing apps using AJAX and the DOM for interfaces, but Flash has it’s place, and AJAX will never be able to, nor is it meant to, replace Flash. And vice versa.

  4. That is a better description. Thanks. So maybe jQuery isn’t exactly the love child. Could it at least be a distant relative?

    AJAX and/or jQuery will never replace Flash. I just saw some similarities between jQuery and Flash. They are by no means in the same realm when you get down to the syntax, but they still create the (somewhat) same effects. Of course they each have their limitations and would never replace each other.

    Thanks for your comment, James. I really appreciate it. You rock.

    (By the way, I actually found a media player that is written in AJAX: http://www.ajaxamp.com/
    Good stuff.)

  5. The media player you found isn’t exactly the same as a Flash media player. ajaxAMP just created a web interface to WinAMP. So WinAMP is still the player, you can just control with a web interface. Whereas with Flash media players, Flash is the interface as well as the actual player.

  6. Hey, you mentioned something about trading links, and sure thing. I’ll add right after this post, and then check back in a week to see if you did the same.

  7. My old portfolio, unknowndepths.deviantart.com was taken down. The only online portfolio I have now is at ebkari.deviantart.com

  8. Hey James, your comments are definitely appreciated, however, jQuery is quickly becoming the most accessible and supportive UI in place of most of the interfaceable qualities and flexibilities flash can provide. That said, it will be interesting to see the innovative ways one can use jQuery to replace the common uses of flash. We haven’t seen an ajax player yet, but it will happen.

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