get your domain name… now

July 24, 2007

So you have a great idea for a site and you are ready to go through with it. You think of a cool name for a domain that you figure has to be taken. You do a search on godaddy (or any other site) to see if it’s available. With any luck, your domain is available.

You might figure that because you aren’t ready to build your site, why bother getting your domain name, right? Bad idea. If you think that the name you picked is an obvious choice for a domain name, then it probably is. And if it’s available, you should cough up a few bucks and get it.

There are people out there who buy tons of domain names in order to get the most money for an eager buyer. Most of the time, these domain names point to crappy pages with a bunch of nonsense in order to confuse the casual web surfer into thinking that the page they requested is legit. For example, have you ever misspelled a URL and went to a completely different page? Try joogle.com. It’s a catch-all site that has a bunch of ads and no real content.

If you miss your opportunity and don’t get your domain name, someone might be right behind you and buy it first. Then when your ready to go for it, you find out that not only is your name taken, but the owner of the domain name wants to charge you an arm and a leg to get it. There is always the option of getting a .net domain or some other suffix as opposed to getting the standard .com. But still, why bother with all that when you could have just bought the domain name!

And don’t forget to renew! Normally, domain names expire after a year. Websites like snapnames.com just waits for domain names to expire. Stay on your game, bitches.



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