Google’s (not so) new search feature

June 11, 2007

This is a new addition to the Google dynasty. It basically does what ask.com and msn.com already does; provide additional key phrases that can be of value to the person searching.

There’s is a bit more special though, you can choose to have it on the left or right side of the screen. I’m sure those of you who run Google adwords wouldn’t like the idea of having it on the right side (the related search terms push the ads further down the page; definite no-no if your paying big bucks to be on top).

Querystrings are fun. Thats how Google determines if the related searches should be on the right or left hand side. Let’s take a look:



Take a look at the querystrings “RefinementBarLhsGradientPreview” and “RefinementBarRhsPreview”. See anything obvious?

Lhs = left, Rhs = right. I’m not too sure what the “GradientPreview” does for the left one. I don’t see any gradients when the results come up. Either way, you can always bet that Google always has something up their sleeve, slick bastards.


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