super quick tip: lie, it will save you.

May 23, 2007

So you get a new project to do from the boss (or a side project) and they ask you how long it will take. You figure (depending on the project of course) that it will take you two weeks to complete.

Just because this number sounds good in your head doesn’t really mean that it will be done in two weeks. Always add more time to the time you come up with!! If you think it will take two weeks, you say it will take four. Add whatever time you need to, but just make it believable. Poop happens and you don’t want to become the diaper that has to hold it. I’m sure your clients will be much happier if you get it done before the time you originally said. You look good, they are happy, and no one gets hurt.



  1. That is completely true. It might sound bad, but we sometimes have to lie to the client. In my case I fix computer and I can fix a computer in less than 4 hours (a complete fresh instalations,, updates, and programs instalations) but I tell my clients that the computer will be ready in 2 days.
    Lie is bad, but depends how you use it, use it in a good way. As it says at the end of this article “You look good, they are happy, and no one gets hurts”

  2. Thanks for the comment. It’s just sometimes good to overestimate because you really never know what might come up while you’re doing a job.

  3. The trouble is, if I’ve given myself more time than I believe I’ll need I’m more likely to waste that time doing nothing.

    Ever considered writing a post on how to increase your productivity? 😀

  4. Good point. Sometimes if you give yourself (well, the client really) to much time, you spend it doing nothing! I guess it’s just best practice to get as much as you can done early, that way when your time comes close to the end you can tie up any loose ends.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely look into writing something juicy.

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