re di g is f n

March 26, 2007

I n’t it am zing t at y u are ab e to re d t is. T e b ain is capab e of cool t ings. Sin e y u have expe ien e re ding wor s, yo r bra n has ac usto ed itse f to som of the wor s so t at it c n rep ace the mi sing le ters.

So w en so eone te ls you that t ey peo le use o ly 10 per ent of the bra n, te l them t at’s c ap. 


One comment

  1. Not only can the brain replace missing letters, but if you retain the first and last letter, the same amount of letters, and mix everything else up in between, the brain can still read it.

    I wonder if it works when you combine both missing letters and scrambling?

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