color scheme – a good start on how to find the right colors

March 9, 2007

Trying to find the right colors to use for a project can sometimes be annoying. I’ve seen some designs that are in desperate need for a color assessment. Mixing and matching patterns and color is an art withing itself. It takes a keen eye to know what looks good together.

If your having trouble trying to decide what colors can work for your design, try Color Schemer. It will give you a start in the right direction and help you with your designs. If next time your designing and you swear that red text looks great on a black background, consult the schemer and get a quick reality check.

It’s also helpful to find inspiration in everyday life. You could be passing by a store window display, or looking at natures palettes; great colors are everywhere. It’s OK to steal color schemes; color belongs to everyone. If you see a scheme you like, try to incorporate it in your next project. I also recommend getting anything by Jim Krause. He’s an excellent designer and has some great books out.

Also check out a previous post that I did that can help you out with getting good contrast between text and background color.


One comment

  1. A great reminder. I too have seen some awful colour schemes smeared over the net, some really have to be seen to be believed.

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