Cross browser testing

February 22, 2007

httpIt’s really troublesome as a web designer to think that your page won’t look the same on everyone else’s machine as it does on yours. All that hard work placing your elements in just the right place might just be a waste (unless of course your good at CSS, then your worries will be cut down to a few.) I recommend downloading Firefox and testing your webpage there (as well as Internet Explorer, duh). Of course there are other browsers that are out there you should test you web pages on, but those two are the big ones.

Browsershots.org is a sweet site that lets you preview how your work will look on other browsers. You can also try IE Web Renderer to test out how your designs will look in different versions of Internet Explorer. You can also get some extensive information on formatting your work for other browsers here.

As the world turns we are progressing to a point where literally everone will be plugged into the Internet. Not all browsers get along. We just have to take it one day at a time and learn to play nice with others.



  1. […] Anyways, so I tick the checkbox and wait for the update to finish. After I restart my pc, what do you know!?, there goes the Safari icon! This is great for developers wanting to test out how their site looks on this browser. As I have said before, not all browsers get along. […]

  2. […] anyway. It is great way for developers to see how mac users see their site. As I have said before, not all browsers get along. Having the Safari browser along with the rest of your arsenal of browsers (Opera, Firefox, […]

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