Setting a password

February 20, 2007

Setting a passwordSetting a password for anything is such a daunting task. You want to make it strong enough so no one can guess it (or crack it with a script, which is still probably possible anyway). But then at the same time you want to make it easy enough to remember.

Like everyone else who uses a computer, you probably have more than one account where you have to use a password. It’s not the best idea to use the same password for multiple accounts, it just makes it easier for anyone to obtain. So what do you do?

A good start to set a password would be to do a search for a random password generator. This way you can be completely oblivious of what password you want to choose. Once you finally choose a password your comfortable with, it’s time get that memory working.

Go on now, get a password. Then see if you can memorize it.


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